Can I buy Future Brew Beer as a gift from the online shop?

Absolutely! You'll just need to confirm that the recipient is over 18 years old.

You are also able to add personalised messages into our beer boxes. Just add on the comment section the wish you want to add and we will add it. 

Are Future Brew beers vegan?

Yes, they are. All of the ingredients that we use do not contain any animal products and we use vegan finnings for our beers.

Where does surplus bread is used in the brewing process? 

Surplus bread is used during the first stage of the brewing stage. We replace roughly one-third of the malted barley in our grain bill. Bread like malts is packed with carbohydrates, which is then broken down to simple sugars. After that, like any other beer, we add hops for aroma and bitterness and then yeast converts the sugars to alcohol during fermentation. 


We use surplus bread that we collect from supermarkets across the country. They donate the bread to us at no cost because they can avoid the waste cost and have a positive impact. 

All bread that is used is: 

- Genuine surplus and within life
- Have known ingredients and allergens
- Have no animal by-products like egg or butter and fruit or veg. These fats would affect the flavour and diminish the head of the beer. 
- Fully traceable. Brewers donate spent grain to livestock and we need documentation to prove the bread has been segregated from meat and dairy.

You can find more about the amount of bread that we have saved and our metrics under Our Impact  

What types of bread do you use?


All bread works, as long as it doesn't have any animal by-products and hasn't been contaminated from other strong flavours.  

Why is bread waste?

Did you know that in the UK alone 900,000 tonnes of food is wasted every year?

Bread as one of the most popular staple and as a result is one of the most wasted food in the UK with up to 44% never eaten. The problem though is not as simple as produce less bread. Most of the waste is not generated from the industry but from our homes. We buy too much without consuming and as a result we waste 24 million slices of bread every day.