50 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Probably being gifts at this day of time is probably on of the hardest things to do. We are living in world that we can have access to everything within minutes, so buying meaningful gifts to friends and family that it won't just sit in a box or end up contributing to the mountain of waste we already produce during the holidays can be a challenge. Well, here you can find some altertive, zero waste ideas. I define zero waste gifts has handmade, homemade, secondhand, or items that help someone refuse and reduce disposable or plastic waste.

1. Climbing Membership

2. Audible Membership

3. Scuba Lessons

4. Brewery or Winery Tour

5. Plants

6. Concert Tickets

7. Zip Lining

8. Booze – Make sure they recycle the bottles!

9. Guitar Lessons

10. Candles

11. Homemade Salsa

12.Bamboo Travel Utensils

13. Restaurant Gift Certificate

14. Cotton Produce Bags

15. Bee’s Wrap Reusable Wraps

16. Massage Gift Certificate

17. Netflix

18. Gym Membership

19. Tickets to a Dinner Theater

20. Secondhand Items – thrift stores and online swap shops are gold!

21. Dancing Lessons

22. Planet Love Life Bracelet

23. Package Free Soap

24. Bath Bombs

25. Solid Shampoo

26. Ice Skating

27. Homemade Flavored Salts

28. Plastic Free Scrub Brushes

29. Local Art

30. Reusable Bowl Covers

31. Movie Theater Tickets

32. Regift Something you No Longer Want or Need

33. Sporting Event Tickets

34. Safety Razor

35. Reusable Coffee Cup

36. Reusable Water Bottle

37. Tickets to a Ballet or Symphony

38. Bamboo Toothbrush

39. Cooking Lessons

40. Money

41. Charity Donation in Recipients Name

42. Guided Tours

43. Holiday Light Tour

44. Digital Magazine Subscription

45. Homemade Pet Treats

46. Locally Made Pottery

47. Personalized Coupons

48. Simply, time together

Hopefully, this list is enough to get you started. Do you have any other zero waste gift ideas? Leave it in the comment!!!

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