Tees Are Coming!!!

The time we have all been waiting for its upon us. We at Future Brew are so excited to announce you our first - ever merch drop. In the last few months, we have been working with the most talented and edgy artists in town to create two amazing designs. They incorporate both our passion and vision about the future and climate change. Full with details, sustainability vibes, made with 100% cotton and printed in the UK.

The first design its a blast from the past. For classic movie lovers, this one should need no introduction.

Like Marty Mcfly, we want to go back to the future and help our planet heal. We want to inspire each one of you to fall in love again with your rebellious side and understand how big of a role you can play in your future. But if you are looking just for a sick design that also works...

The second design is a bit more abstract and unique.

On the front, you will find Bob sitting on a planet, waiting, similar to what we do as we are waiting for more companies to act against climate change, not by 2050 but now. On the back, you will find Bob again floating in beer space lost while he looks down to earth and wonders who will have a cold one for this warm planet? See what we did there because our beer is carbon negative…

Anyway, you don’t want to miss the amazing opportunity for our first ever merch. They are limited edition and rumours has it that they will worth a lot of money for collectors in a few years. Just saying...

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