Branding Competition

Updated: Mar 31

The competition

Create a symbol and text logo for Future Brew. They want to portray themselves as a rebellion against environmental and social issues, the epitome of the idea that they can change the world one beer at a time, that they are environmentally conscious, the future of the brewing industry and the beginning of a new era. They want something with a bold and simple message. They want to make the world realise that the time for change is here and now because if not you, who? If not now, when?

By taking part in this competition, you have the opportunity to work with a rising startup in the hospitality and drinking sector.

Deliverables: Future Brew Logo (Text and Symbol)

What do you get?

  • A £25 Beer Voucher.

  • A reference letter for your portfolio to use for future jobs.

  • The opportunity for a lasting partnership of paid work.

What is Future Brew?

Future Brew is a beer company that uses surplus bread to create delicious pale ales.


Toast Ale: Also creates beer from bread and has been operating since 2016.

Green King: Supplies beer to most university pubs across the country and is the biggest wholesale beer distributor in the country. Some of the beers included in their portfolio are Stella Artios and San Miguel.

Target Audience

Primarily university students and adults aged 28 and younger.

Unique Selling Point

Future Brew’s beer is environmentally sustainable since it’s made out of surplus bread that would otherwise go to waste. With every pint of beer, 160 grams of CO2 emissions are saved from being released into the atmosphere. Future Brew can supply bread beer kegs at a competitive price.

What does the old logo stand for?

At the moment we feel that our logo is a little too futuristic and scientific, to us, it doesn’t encompass what we feel the business is. The logo comes across as too space-like, it was intended originally to imply the idea that the beer is the beer of “the future” as it is able to reduce food wastage in the process of it being produced.

We are a company that is attempting to overcome the issue of food waste and inspiring change, we want to be regarded as bold, eye-catching and environmentally conscious and feel that although the current space/planet theme is an interesting log but also too vague.


Typography: Bold that portrays confidence, stability and trust such as BrewDog and Extinction Rebellion. Examples: Valencia CF rebranding – This design is bold and simple but has character. Brixton SVG – This has great texture.

Colours: Green, black and rustic colour palettes that contrast nicely with each other.

Loved Brands

BrewDog: Rebel/Punk vibes, confident, anti-establishment, rusty vibes, bold typography, faded logo.

Valencia New branding: Vibrant colours, bold typography, rebel vibes.

Extinction Rebellion: They inspired people to rebel and encourage environmental change, calls people to act now; they’re bold and clear on their goals and have a distinct logo with a meaning behind it.

Green Rebel: The logo gives a natural rustic feel.

Apple: Simple and on point, symbol worldwide recognised by everyone.

Redbull: They are bold, colourful and have powerful imagery.

Mood Board

Useful Information


Instagram: @thefuturebrew, Facebook: @futurebrew, Linkedin: Future Brew

Send your submissions to the Future Brew team at

Deadline for submissions is midnight, Thursday 30th April. 







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