Potato ‘Joy Cakes’ and Onion Relish

Potato ‘Joy Cakes’ and Onion Relish Serves 2 as a main meal with a salad, or 4 as a side dish.

For the potato cakes: 2 large potatoes (or 1 small tin of potatoes, or 1 small bowl leftover mash) 300g tinned peas (or same amount of frozen) Small handful of chopped fresh herbs - parsley, dill and mint all work well. (Optional). Salt and pepper, to taste. 2 tbsp plain flour. Oil for frying (2 tbsp, vegetable or mild olive oil)

For the onion relish: 1 onion 2 tbsp mild olive oil 2 tbsp red or white wine vinegar 2 tsp chopped chives, or other fresh herbs. (Optional). 0.5 tsp crushed peppercorns, pink or black.


  1. Potatoes - boil your potatoes until soft, drain, mash well and leave to cool. (Skip this step if using leftover mash).

  2. Drain the peas and add into the mash.

  3. Add salt and pepper and chopped herbs (if using) and mix well.

  4. Tip the flour onto the board and make sure your hands and the board are well covered with a light dusting of flour.

  5. Gently shape the potato mixture into balls and then squash lightly into a patty shape. You can make 4 large cakes or 8 smaller ones.

  6. Chop up the onion and chives (if using) as finely as you can.

  7. Mix the onion, chives, oil, vinegar and crushed peppercorns in a small bowl to make the relish and put to one side.

  8. Heat the oil in a large frying pan and gently put the potato cakes in, you will need some space between them to turn them so cook in batches if your pan is too small.

  9. Cook each potato cake for 2-3 minutes on both sides, until golden and crispy.

  10. Serve on their own with a salad and let people help themselves to the relish at the table.

Ingrid’s top tip: We used pink peppercorns for our relish but you can use any kind or even some chilli flakes for a kick. Always take your time when frying in hot oil, if frying in batches then pop the first ones on a plate and cover with foil or another plate so they stay hot while you finish cooking.

Recipe from https://fareshare.org.uk/news-media/news/cooking-with-surplus-soulfoods-potato-joy-cakes-and-onion-relish/

Ingrid Wakeling, SoulFood (Livestock Charity), Brighton, @soulfoodbrighton (Instagram).







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