Future Brew Origin

'Future Brew' was created back in March of 2019 with the single goal of creating a change to the world. Our vehicle in this journey is our series of beers that are made out of surplus bread. By using waste bread, we are utilising circular economic principles to derive value from surplus materials. In doing so, the benefit is threefold: surplus material is saved from landfill, wealth is created at a limited cost to the company, and cumulatively the business is able to provide value to society. By delivering our product to market, we are able to redistribute waste around the UK and redirect waste from the end of the supply chain to the beginning. Creating value from waste is a process which is central to our ethos, and by creating a socially and environmentally intuitive brand, we hope to use the UK’s drinking culture as a vehicle for driving awareness about climate change, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Our first beer, called Dough-Dough, is a juicy pale ale beer with a noticeable hop flavour and a light copper colour with a fruity flavour in the end. Our business is distinguished by its ethical principles and its innovative pursuit of high-quality products. The inclusion of bread surplus in our product’s recipe allows our customers to support a social enterprise which benefits society, without it requiring excessive effort or expense. By buying our products, customers support our social initiatives around the world and contribute to the creation and operation of enterprises which contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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